Cancer treatment - such as chemotherapy, targeted molecular therapies or radiotherapy - can lead to cardiac side effects. Our expert cardiologist Dr Alexander Lyon offers specialist treatment to cardio-oncology patients.

Specialist cardio-oncology clinic

The success of modern cancer treatments means that more people now survive free of cancer, or with stable, non-progressive disease.

Dr Alexander Lyon has set up a specialist cardio-oncology clinic - one of the only clinics of its kind in the UK - located at Royal Brompton Hospital and RB&HH Specialist Care's outpatients and diagnostics facility in central London - 77 Wimpole Street.

Dr Alexander Lyon with a cardio-oncology patient
Above: Dr Alexander Lyon with a cardio-oncology patient


The clinic cares for people who are either living with or have survived cancer, and have heart problems which may be related to the cancer treatment.

The service is particularly aimed at identifying early signs of cardiotoxicity and intervening to allow cancer treatment to continue without causing cardiac complications. It also offers care for individuals with new or established cardiac problems resulting from their cancer or treatment.

Assessing heart risk

The service can also offer a heart risk assessment service in newly diagnosed cancer patients with pre-existing cardiac conditions or concerns to ensure they are as fit as possible for their cancer treatment - whether surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy.

The aim is to generate a personalised assessment, and treatment where appropriate, to allow patients to benefit from a healthy heart after surviving their cancer.


Dr Alexander Lyon 

Honorary consultant cardiologist