Royal Brompton Hospital has a long tradition of national and international leadership in congenital heart disease, the most common birth defect affecting approximately one per cent of infants worldwide. 

While children’s lives have been transformed by early intervention - surgical or catheter - many have ongoing needs including further surgery, catheter intervention and/or other procedures.

From the days of Dr Paul Wood, chief of cardiology in the 1950s, to the present time, Royal Brompton Hospital has continued to invest in this expanding area of cardiovascular medicine. 

Our dedicated congenital heart disease (CHD) team – made up of five consultant cardiologists, three consultant cardiac surgeons, and four clinical nurse specialists – work closely with other experts in imaging, electrophysiology and palliative care to provide excellent care for CHD patients.

Furthermore, the hospital has been designated as one of the few ‘national centres of excellence’ for the management of pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH), a common association for patients with adult CHD, as well as for patients with underlying lung disease.

World-leading expertise

The role of the team at Royal Brompton Hospital is not limited to patient care. It assumes global responsibility and commitment for what is a worldwide disease.

Professor Michael Gatzoulis, consultant cardiologist, has been directing one of the largest training fellowship programmes in the world, educating and enabling over 100 cardiologists to roll out improved practices for ACHD and/or PAH in their respective regions.

Keen to innovate, Professor Gatzoulis has been participating in a very productive clinical research programme, publishing a range of articles in ‘high impact factor’ journals.

The below map depicts the worldwide impact of clinical research conducted by Royal Brompton Hospital's ACHD team.

ACHD research output worldwide (1995-2011) based on impact factor;  Kempny et al  IJC 2013


Last but not least, Professor Gatzoulis has edited and co-edited a number of major reference books in the ACHD field, such as Diagnosis and Management of Adult Congenital Heart Disease (now in its third edition) and the iconic 40th edition of Gray’s Anatomy.

Treating all aspects of CHD

Whether a patient has ‘simple’ or complex congenital heart disease, is seeking counselling about pregnancy-related risks, or is a patient with suspected pulmonary arterial hypertension, then specialists at Royal Brompton Hospital can help. Patients deserve the very best support to ensure they fully understand their condition and the treatment options available.

We, at Royal Brompton Hospital, have a long-standing commitment to ensure that every single patient with congenital heart disease and/or pulmonary arterial hypertension reaches his or her life potential. 


Professor Michael Gatzoulis

Consultant cardiologist, Clinical lead for adult congenital heart disease