In December 2014, directors from RB&HH Specialist Care visited several hospitals and healthcare organisations in China, where they were warmly welcomed by staff and interviewed by members of the local media.




David Shrimpton, managing director for private patients, and Linsee Richards, associate director, attended the visit to China in order to formalise patient referral processes and facilitate academic partnerships.

During the trip, they signed business agreements between RB&HH Specialist Care and medical consulting companies Guangdong Vanta Consulting Service Co. Ltd and Beijing MedRetreat Hospital Management Co. Ltd.

The visit heralds a new era of collaboration between our hospitals and the medical community in China, as an increasing number of patients seek treatment in the UK. Approximately 40,000 patients travel from China for overseas treatment each year, a number which is increasing by 10 per cent each year.

David Shrimpton, Managing Director for RB&HH Specialist Care comments: “We hope our trip to China will be first of many and look forward to working with our partners for improved clinical outcomes and standards of care.”