People with chronic and severe heart failure can benefit from mechanical circulatory support at Harefield Hospital.

The renowned ventricular assist device (VAD) programme at Harefield Hospital is led by Mr André Simon, consultant cardiothoracic surgeon and director of heart and lung transplantation. The programme has played a pivotal role in developing new and improved 'artificial hearts' and pioneering recovery therapy.

A new device is now available for patients with severe heart failure: the HeartAssist 5®, a next generation left ventricular assist device (LVAD). It is the only device with direct flow measurement that precisely monitors blood flow. The blood flow data is important not only when a patient is stable, but it can prove vital if a patient is experiencing complications.

The device represents a radically new approach to mechanical circulatory support and has the potential to transform chronic heart failure management by enabling earlier, less invasive treatment for more patients.

Ventricular assist therapy has become clinical routine and many thousands of patients have been treated with a VAD worldwide. Today, a significant number of patients receive a device instead of a heart transplant.


Mr André Simon

Consultant cardiothoracic surgeon, Director of heart and lung transplantation