As the UK's largest heart and lung centre, we attract some of the most talented consultants from all over the world. Below are some of the newest members of our team.


Dr Emmanuel Ako
Consultant cardiologist
Royal Brompton Hospital

Dr Emmanuel Ako has special expertise in general medicine and cardiology, with subspecialty expertise in coronary intervention. He is a specialist in assessing patients with chest pain, breathlessness, palpitations, hypertension, valvular heart disease, dizziness, faints and ankle swelling.

In addition, he is an expert in the management of coronary artery disease and cardiovascular complications in haemoglobinopathies such as Thalassaemia and Sickle Cell Disease. He performs coronary angiography, coronary physiology measurements and coronary angioplasty.



Dr Jonathan Hill
Consultant cardiologist
Royal Brompton Hospital

Dr Jonathan Hill is a consultant cardiologist with a clinical expertise in interventional cardiology, cardiovascular risk assessment and cardiac CT. He has a special interest in acute myocardial infarction and new biological therapy. Dr Hill’s research programme is related to stem and progenitor cells in cardiovascular disease and he is the Clinical Senior Lecturer and Consultant Cardiologist at King’s College London.




Dr Mumin Noor
Consultant cardiologist
Harefield Hospital 

Dr Mumin Noor is a consultant cardiologist with expertise in general cardiology, including angina, syncope, palpitations and hypertension. He has specialist expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of heart failure, pacemakers and defibrillator inplantation and cardiac resynchronisation therapy.

Dr Noor is currently involved in clinical research for cardiac device therapy in heart failure patients.




Dr Carles Bautista
Congenital interventional cardiologist
Royal Brompton Hospital, Harefield Hospital, 77 Wimpole Street

Dr Carles Bautista works as part of a team to provide care for children and adults with congenital or acquired heart disease. His main research interests and area of expertise lie in minimally invasive interventional procedures, neonatal cardiology – including premature and neonatal intervention, and heart monitoring using internet-connected devices.