Robert Hobson tells us about his incredible recovery following double heart bypass surgery at Harefield Hospital.

"It has been 11 months since I had my double bypass surgery. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all the staff at Harefield Hospital and to provide an update on the excellent progress I've made.

In short, I walked a kilometre the day I got out of hospital and within four weeks I was running 10km. By the end of week five, I was back out on my road bike and at week eight, I was skiing in the Alps!

As a seasoned cyclist, my goal was to regain my pre-surgery fitness and strength, so that I could enter 'Ride London-Surrey 100'- a cycling event that was to take place just 26 weeks after I left Harefield. Under guidance from my consultant and support from my wonderful wife, I put in many hours of training in preparation for the event.

To celebrate London's Olympic legacy, the race started at the Olympic Park. The crowds were huge and the support along the whole route was very memorable. I had a good ride and came in at 4 hours and 21 minutes - just 18 minutes behind the winner (who was an ex-professional and previous world champion). Out of 16,500 riders, I came in 225th; I was happy with that!

I hope my story is testament that there can be light at the end of the tunnel. I proved that with hard work, dedication and most importantly the care and expertise of the staff at Harefield, it was possible to get my pre-surgery life back."

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